Iris (2021)

Iris, Directed by Mapi Stranamore Runco (2021)

Iris is a non-linear experimental short film made during my second year in Film School. Focused on memory, the short film tells the story of a conscience’s fracture in the act of redeeming itself from violence and its recourse. Iris describes the unconscious’ struggle to protect itself from pain

The reconstruction process and the resurfacing of the trauma are rendered through two different languages: Glitch Art and found footage manipulation. The work aims to be a reflection of the fragility of the unconscious and of the cult and overproduction of images in contemporary society: like Funes and Themistocles, we succumb under the weight of images.

From this point of view, the glitch represents the crisis, the limit, the error and oblivion: not only of memory, but of technology itself.


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